Berkshire Boy Choir
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D/L Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees
Exsultate Deo


D/L Ah dolente partita!
Timor et tremor
D/L Ain'-a that Good News

These audio files were made from the RCA Red Seal LP LSC-3081 "Alleluia" by the 1968 Berkshire Boy Choir.

Liner notes:

"Not often does a choir which sings for only eight weeks of the year win immediate recognition. Yet the Berkshire Boy Choir, founded in 1967, achieved extraordinary success at its first appearances. They performed in many parts of the northeastern United States during their opening season, including the Berkshire Festival at Tanglewood, the Festival of the Performing Arts at Saratoga and the Lincoln Center Festival. The critic of the New York Times wrote of the concert in New York: 'The choir performed as if it had been in business for years ... It may well be the best choir of its kind in the country.'

"During the summer of 1968, the forty-six boys and fourteen men of the Berkshire Boy Choir assembled at the Choir's home in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, a mile from Tanglewood, and began an intensive period of rehearsal under their music director, Brian Runnett, Organist and Master of the Choristers at Norwich Cathedral, who is one of Britian's most distinguished young conductors and recitalists. The Choir again gave an exciting series of concerts: they appeared with the Philadelphia Orchestra at Saratoga, sang at the Boston Symphony's Berkshire Festival, at Castle Hill, the summer campus of the New England Conservatory of Music, in Washington Cathedral, and at several universities, Rutgers and the University of Syracuse among them. Their success equaled that of the previous year. The critic of The Washington Post wrote: 'The faultless blend, the precise phrasing and attack, the purity and fluidity of sound that typify the singing of the Berkshire Boy Choir mark it as a performing unit of the first order.'

"The Berkshire Boy Choir is supported by contributions from people vitally interested in establishing a tradition of the finest singing by men and boy choirs in the United States. The choristers are chosen by audition from all parts of the country, and each is awarded a scholarship, which provides full financial support for the season as well as a remarkable opportunity for a very special musical experience. The men are professional singers picked for their outstanding vocal and musical abilities. Choir members in 1968 came from states as far apart as North Carolina and Michigan.

"The recording was made towards the end of the Choir's 1968 season at St. Mark's Church in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The music, a small part of the Berkshire Boy Choir's large repertoire, displays the virtuosity of this talented group of young musicians in widely differing styles."


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