George Bragg
Texas Boys Choir

GB1_sm.jpg (8595 bytes)GEORGE BRAGG, the 'Dean of Boy Choir Directors,' is recognized around the world as a leader in the art of boy choir, and is unique, in that he has organized, or helped organize, six of the most important boy choir organizations in the United States.

He began by creating the Denton Civic Boy Choir, which was to become the famed Texas Boys Choir. Under his direction this group gave over 3,000 performances, including 13 American and 5 European tours. Among these were choral performances for radio, television, with opera companies and symphony orchestras, as well as participation in 3 films.

In addition, the choir made 26 recordings for Columbia Masterworks, Decca, Vox and Turnabout Records, and he twice received the coveted Grammy Award for his group's splendid work. "High Fidelity" said "surely George Bragg has evolved some magical music-making ways with children," but, in truth his success is an indefinable mix of hard work, vast knowledge and experience, a special understanding of people and a contagious personal warmth.

Described by "The New York Times" as "a remarkably gifted conductor," George Bragg pursues "the uncommon standard of excellence" in all his activities. Several years ago Bragg resigned from The Texas Boys Choir to devote himself to the "larger cause" of the organization and development of boy choirmasters and boy choirs around the nation. To date he has worked with 48 choir directors, and with the Pasadena Boys Choir, the California Boys Choir, the Singing Boys of Pennsylvania, the Tulsa Boy Singers, the Arkansas Boys Choir, the Paulist Choristers of California, and the Harlem Boys Choir, as counselor, coach and consultant, training both choir and choirmaster together in all aspect of boy choir, from vocal technique to the organization of time, and the development of the financial support necessary for the choir's future.

Frequently called on to give seminars, clinics and workshops at all levels, Bragg is as knowledgeable about the adult voice as he is about the child's. He has written many articles on singing, commissioned more than 125 works for boy choir from composers ranging from Ernst von Dohnanyi, Jean Langlais and Noel Goemanne, to Gregg Smith. George Bragg has his own choral series, as well, published by Lawson-Gould Music.

George Bragg's professional associations with such musicians as Igor Stravinsky, Zubin Mehta, Erich Leinsdorf, Roger Wagner and Robert Shaw, have shaped his art. Boy choir is but the "tip of an iceberg" of knowledge and experience which ranges from opera, ecclesiastical, school and community choirs, through orchestral conducting and electronics accompanying, and make George Bragg a valued resource both here and abroad.

"The enduring qualities of the music studied by the boys are not to be found in the rhythmed melodies, nor in the foreign words expressed through careful pronunciation. The enduring qualities found are in expressions of creative youth, full of joy, purposeful living, coupled with new ideals, energetically expressed by future men in creative community."

...George Bragg, from "Choir Parents Handbook"


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