Jerry Perales
Amarillo Boy Choirs

perales#65.jpg (8469 bytes)JERRY PERALES holds a bachelor's degree in Music education from Texas Christian University.  He has served as a regional clinician throughout Texas and spent seven years as Music Director of the outdoor musical "TEXAS".

Jerry sings as a guest soloist throughout the state and performs with the Amarillo Opera as one of its leading tenors. He is employed by the Canyon Independent School District and has one of  the largest choral programs in Texas, involving over 400 students.

He replaced Greg Shapley as Music Director for the Amarillo Boy Choirs in 1996. During his three years with the choirs, his Concert Choir has earned the "Outstanding Choir" rating at each year's   Greater Southwest Music Festival.  In 1997 the choir was awarded "Men's Chorus Grand Champion" at MusicFest Orlando following a fourteen-week competition.   In 1998 the Concert Choir won both the Division I and Championship trophies at the Bluebonnet Classic in San Antonio.  This year the choir received a Superior rating by three Disney Judges at the Orlando All Star Music festival.

"The Amarillo Boy Choirs represent opportunities for young boys to express all the emotions that they are blessed with, and at the same time, educate their audiences.  Singing involves tremendous skills and is truly an academic experience for those involved."

...Jerry Perales


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