Lydia Rahula
Tallinn Boys Choir of Estonia

rahula.gif (18979 bytes)LYDIA RAHULA graduated Tallinn Pedagogical University, majoring in Choral Conducting and Music Pedagogy, in 1973. Her conducting professors were well-known Estonian choral conductors - Prof. Heino Kaljuste and Prof. Ants Sööt. Lydia Rahula has been working with boys and girls choirs since 1973. She has been one of the chief conductors at Estonian Song Festivals-mass-events with tens of thousands of choir singers under the stage shell, taking place in Tallinn Song Festival Field. Her superior work has been acknowledged with prizes and honorariums - the President of Estonia granted her the Estonian State Decoration-Order of the White Star, 5th class, in 1998; the Estonian Government granted her the honorary title - Teacher of the Year in 1994.

Tomi Rahula, son of Lydia Rahula, is working as concert master and conductor of Tallinn Boys Choir. Tomi Rahula studies at Estonian Music Academy. He also composes music. Tomi Rahula is one of the authors of the winning song of Estonian Eurovision Competition "Mere Lapsed" ("Children of the Sea"), which represented Estonia at Birmingham Eurovision Song Competition in 1998. The song was performed by Koit Toome, one of the former singers of Tallinn Boys Choir.


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