Francis D. C. Stockwell
Artistic Director
Land of Lakes Choirboys

francis.jpg (47283 bytes)Francis D. C. Stockwell, born in New Zealand, began his musical career at a very early age. At age six he was studying piano and later violin. He was also a soloist in a local church choir. At age 15 he received his first concert diploma for piano from the Trinity College of Music London. In 1968 he gained two further concert diplomas for piano: one from the Royal Schools of Music, London, the other a Fellowship from the Trinity College of Music London. In the same year he graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music and languages. In 1969 he left New Zealand for Switzerland to continue his piano studies at the Conservatoire de Music in Geneva. At the same time he accepted a teaching position in Zug, Switzerland at Institut Montana, a renowned international boys' school. There he taught English, music and Latin. In 1970 he gained a teacher's diploma in German from Hamburg and in the late 70's he went to Vienna where he lived and worked with the Vienna Boys' Choir. At the same time he studied voice with Gerald Trabesinger of the Vienna Boys' Choir Institute and with Ingrid Doll-Kallinger, Professor of Singing at the Musikhochschule in Vienna. In 1984 he returned to New Zealand to accept a position as Director of Music at Southwell Boy's preparatory School. Two years later he returned to Switzerland where he taught at Institut Montana and lectured in singing at the Conservatorium of Lucerne. In the fall of 1997 he arrived in Elk River, Minnesota to accept the post of Artistic Director of the Land of Lakes Choirboys.


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