"A boy sings ... a beautiful thing."

George W. Bragg
Founder/Director of the Texas Boys Choir

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George Bragg

On February 7, 1946, George Bragg, a Freshman at North Texas State College, founded the Denton Civic Boy Choir which was moved to Fort Worth in 1957 and renamed the Texas Boys Choir. Under Mr. Bragg's Direction, the choir grew in prominence and became a world class musical organization. During his tenure, the choir gave over 3,000 choral performances which included 13 domestic and 5 European concert tours, choral performances for radio and television, with opera companies and symphony orchestras, 26 recordings and participation in three films. Mr. Bragg was presented with Grammy Awards by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 1966 and again in 1969 for "Best Choral Performance," recordings made by the Texas Boys Choir.

During 1975, after 29 successful years as Founder-Director of the Texas Boys Choir and having become the preeminent authority on Boyschoir, Mr. Bragg left the choir to develop and apply his Boychoir concepts to other boy choirs around the United States. The theme, "In Pursuit of Excellence," was a message that he consistently brought to the choir members over the years. George Bragg is fondly remembered by all of those who were his students for his vision, hard work, vast knowledge, special understanding of people and contagious personal warmth.

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