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Honoring a Volunteer Worker (January 1975)

On January 10,1975 the Staff and Choirboys honored Mrs. W.B. Collup, Jr. (Jerry).

It was noted that not only had she given a son to The Texas Boys Choir, but that she had given the greatest gift of all, herself. She has for 8 years given daily voluntary service to this organization, not counting the cost nor the amount of time. There is nothing she hasn't done nor will not do for The Texas Boys Choir and the individuals who make up its membership.

She holds fast to our ideals. She sets and achieves goals for both the Choirboys' schoolwork, as well as the Parents' Club ticket sales and projects. She is a good listener, whether it be for giving help and advice in our troubles, or rejoicing with us in our successes. She seems forever young at heart.

The group then proceeded to extol her virtues by example:

Imagination and Initiative

Consistency and Constancy

Honesty and Civic Responsibility

Sharing and Selfless Giving

Perseverance and Excellence

Appropriate symbols in the form of bracelet and charms were presented as 13 Choirboys made presentation remarks. The last boy said, "Excellence is not easy to come by. Once it is realized, however, it is a joy to behold, and brings a smile to the least likely owner. Thank you for helping discover the Excellence in us, and for helping us and the world to realize that inside every boy there's a smile."

With that deserved offering of tribute, the Choirboys gave a solid round of cheers and a standing ovation to a beloved and cherished friend of us all.


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