1Choirboys in History


Name Site of Choirboy Experience2 Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Abel, Kari Friedrich St. Thomas (under Bach?)  1723-1787 Composer German
Abyngdon, Henry Chapel Royal 1418-1497 Choirmaster English
Alcock, John St. Paul's Cathedral 1715-1806 Organist/Chm. English
Aldrich, Henry Westminster School 1647-1710 Dean English
Allegri, Gregorio San Luigi dei Francesi 1582-1652 Comp./Singer Italian
Ammon, Blasius Innsbruck, Austria 1560-1590 Composer Austrian
Arcadelt, Jacob Liege 1505-1567 Composer Flemish
Archangelsky, Alexander Penza, Prague 1846-1924 Composer Russian
Arensky, Antony S. St. Petersburg Chapel 1861-1906 Composer Russian
Argenta Maza, Ataulfo Castro Urdiales, Spain 1913- Comp./Pianist Spanish
Ariosti, Attilo Bolognia and Spain 1666-1740 Comp./Violist Italian
Arizo, Miguel de Royal Chapel, Madrid ?     - ? Comp./Singer Spanish
Armes, Phillip Norwich 1836-1908 Comp./Organist  English
Armstrong, Thomas Henry Chapel Royal 1898- Choirmaster  English
Arne, Michael Marylebone Gardens 1741-1786 Composer  English
Arnold, György (George) Kalocsa Cathedral 1781-1848 Comp./Choirm.  Hungarian
Asioli, Bonifacio Parma (under Morigi) 1769-1832 Comp./Theorist  Italian
Attwood, Thomas Chapel Royal 1765-1838 Comp./Organist  English
Aubert, Louis François M. Madeleine & Trinite 1877-1968 Comp./Pianist  French
Aylward, Richard Winchester Cathedral 1626-1669 Comp./Organist  English
1 It should be noted that this list should always be considered a "work in progress" due to ongoing research and newly available information from many sources. Entries made in italics should be considered dubious, awaiting further research.
2 Including boy soloists in other than ecclesiastical positions, as noted.

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