Choirboys in History

Name Site of Choirboy Experience Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Dauprat, Louis François  Notre-Dame, Paris 1781-1868 Horn player French
David, Félicien César  Aix-en-Provence Cath. 1810-1876 Composer French
David, Johann Nepomuk  St. Florian, Austria 1895- Comp./Organist  Austrian
Davies, Benjamin Grey  Pontardawe (Swansea) 1858-1943 Tenor  Welsh
Davies, (Sir) Henry Walford  St. George's, Windsor 1869-1941 Comp./Organist  English
Dawson, Herbert William  Westminster Abbey 1890- Organist English
Delâtre, Jean Petit Claude  Liege Cathedral ?     -1589 Composer Walloon
Delibes, Clément P. Léo Leo Madeleine, Pans 1836-1891 Composer French
Deller, Alfred George  Margate Parish Church 1912- Countertenor English
Del Monaco, Mario  Teatro Beniamino Gigli 1915- Tenor Italian
Deppe, Ludwig  Hamburg 1828-1890 Pianist/Cond. German
Desargus, François Xavier  Amien Cathedral 1768-   ? Comp./Harpist French
Destouches, (Cardinal) André Mousquetaire du Roi 1672-1749 Composer French
Diabelli, Anton  Salzburg 1781-1858 Comp./Publish.  Austrian
Dibdin, Charles  Winchester Cathedral 1745-1814 Comp./Author  English
Dibdin, Thomas John  St. Paul's, London 1777-1841 Actor/Manager  English
Dignum, Charles  Sardinian Chapel, London 1765-1827 Comp./Tenor  English
Doche, Joseph Denis  Meaux Cathedral 1766-1825 Composer  French
Doyagüe, Manuel  Salamanca Cathedral 1755-1842 Comp./Choirm.  Spanish
Dufay, Guillaume  Cambrai Cathedral 1400-1474 Composer  Flemish
Dufon, Jean  Chapel Royal, Madrid 1574-1634 Comp./Singer  Flemish
Dunstable, John ? ?     -1453 Composer  English
Dupont, Henn-Denis Liege Cathedral 1660-1726 Comp./Organist  Walloon
Duprez, Gilbert Comedie-Francaise 1806-1896 Comp./Tenor  French
Dupuis, Thomas Sanders Chapel Royal, London 1733-1796 Comp./Organist  English
Duquesnoy, Charles3 Beuzet, Netherlands 1759-1822 Comp./Tenor  Dutch
Duruflé, Maurice Rouen Cathedral 1902- Comp./Organist  French
Dussek, Jan Ladislav Minorite Church, Oaslav  1760-1812 Comp./Pianist  Bohemian
Dvorák, Antonin Parish church, Nelahozeves 1841-1904 Composer  Czech
Dygon, John St. Augustine's Abbey 1485-1541 Comp./Cleric  English
3 His real name is Charles-François Honore Lanctin

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