Choirboys in History

Name Site of Choirboy Experience Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Easdale, Brian Westminster Abbey 1909- Composer  English
Ebdon, Thomas Durham Cathedral 1738-1811 Comp./Organist  English
Edwards, Richard Christ Church 1522-1566 Comp./Poet  English
Elder, Mark Canterbury 1947?- Conductor English
Elford, Richard Lincoln Cathedral ?     -1714 Comp./C.tenor  English
Elizaga, José Mariana Morelia Cathedral 1786-1842 Comp./Theorist  Mexican
Elvey, (Sir) George Job Canterbury Cathedral 1816-1893 Comp./Organist  English
Elvey, Stephen Canterbury Cathedral 1805-1860 Comp./Organist  English
Encina, Juan del4 Salamanca Cathedral 1468-1529 Comp./Poet  Spanish
Estwick, Sampson Chapel Royal 1657-1739 Comp./Divine  English
Evans, Charles Smart Chapel Royal 1778-1849 Composer/Alto  English
Ève, Alphonse d' St. Martins Chapel 1666-1727 Composer  Flemish
4 His real name is Juan de Fermoselle.

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