Choirboys in History

Name Site of Choirboy Experience Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Lambert, Michel near Chinon  1610-1696  Lutenist/Chrm.  French
Lasso, Orlando di12 Saint Nicolas, Mons13 1532-1594 Composer  Flemish
Lawes, Henry Chapel Royal  1596-1662 Comp./Singer  English
Lawes, William Salisbury  1602-1645 Composer  English
Lay, Henry George St. George's Windsor 1887-1962 ? English
Lechner, Leonhard Munich Court Chapel  1550-1606 Comp./Choirm.  Austrian
LeSueur, Jean-François Abbeville, France  1760-1837 Composer  French
Locke, Matthew Exeter Cathedral  1630-1677 Composer  English
Lotti, Antonio San Marco, Venice  1667-1740 Comp./Organist  Italian
Ludford, Nicholas St. Stephen's Chapel  1485-1557 Composer  English
Lvov, Alexis Feodorovich St. Petersburg Chapel  1799-1870 Comp.Niolinist  Russian
12 Or Roland de Lassus

13 He was thrice abducted because of the beauty of his voice. His parents finally permitted him to sing in the service of
Ferdinando Gonzaga, Viceroy of Sicily, incl. service in Palermo and Milan.


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