Choirboys in History

Name Site of Choirboy Experience Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Machaut, Guillaume de Diocese of Rheims?  1300-1377 Composer/Poet  French
MacPherson, Charles St. Paul's Cathedral  1870-1927 Comp./Organist  English
Maiorano, Gaetano (cafareii) Naples  1710-1783 Castrato  Italian
Malotte, Albert Hay St. James, Philadelphia  1895-1964 Composer  American
Mann, Arthur Henry Norwich Cathedral  1850-1929 Comp./Organist  English
Martin, (Sir) George Clement St. Paul's Cathedral 1844-1916 Comp./Organist  English
Mieskovsky, Nicolas St. Petersburg 1881-1960 ? Russian
Monte, Philippe de Saint-Rombaud. Mechlin 1521-1603 Composer Flemish
Montéclair, Michel de Langres Cathedral 1667-1737 Comp./Bassist French
Monteverdi, Claudio Cremona Cathedral 1567-1643 Composer Italian
Morales, Cristóbal de Seville Cathedral 1500-1553 Composer Spanish
Mottl, Felix Hofburgkapelle 1856-1911 Comp./Cond. Austrian
Mundy, William Westminster Abbey 1529-1591 Comp./Choirm. English

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