Choirboys in History

Name Site of Choirboy Experience Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Talks, Thomas Chapel Royal 1505-1585 Composer English
Taverner, John Cardinal's College 1495-1545 Composer English
Telemann, Georg Phillip Benediktin 1681-1767 Composer German
Thuille, Ludwig Munich 1861-1907 Pianist Austrian
Tinctoria, Johannes Louvain, Flanders 1435-1511 Composer Flemish
Tomkins, Thomas Gloucester Cathedral 15721656 Composer English
Travers, John St. George's Chapel 1703-1758 ? English
Tudway, Thomas Chapel Royal 1650-1726 ? English
Turle, James Westminster Cathedral 1802-1882 Organist English
Turner, William Christ Church, Oxford 1651-1740 ? English
Tye, Christopher Ely Cathedral 1500-1572 Composer English

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