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Note: This listing was compiled by George Bragg and appeared in his book "The Big Book." The list  is being revised, updated and authenticated by Douglas Neslund.

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Name Site of Choirboy Experience2 Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Abel, Kari Friedrich St. Thomas (under Bach?)  1723-1787 Composer German
Abyngdon, Henry Chapel Royal 1418-1497 Choirmaster English
Alcock, John St. Paul's Cathedral 1715-1806 Organist/Chm. English
Aldrich, Henry Westminster School 1647-1710 Dean English
Allegri, Gregorio San Luigi dei Francesi 1582-1652 Comp./Singer Italian
Ammon, Blasius Innsbruck, Austria 1560-1590 Composer Austrian
Arcadelt, Jacob Liege 1505-1567 Composer Flemish
Archangelsky, Alexander Penza, Prague 1846-1924 Composer Russian
Arensky, Antony S. St. Petersburg Chapel 1861-1906 Composer Russian
Argenta Maza, Ataulfo Castro Urdiales, Spain 1913- Comp./Pianist Spanish
Ariosti, Attilo Bolognia and Spain 1666-1740 Comp./Violist Italian
Arizo, Miguel de Royal Chapel, Madrid ?     - ? Comp./Singer Spanish
Armes, Phillip Norwich 1836-1908 Comp./Organist  English
Armstrong, Thomas Henry Chapel Royal 1898- Choirmaster  English
Arne, Michael Marylebone Gardens 1741-1786 Composer  English
Arnold, György (George) Kalocsa Cathedral 1781-1848 Comp./Choirm.  Hungarian
Asioli, Bonifacio Parma (under Morigi) 1769-1832 Comp./Theorist  Italian
Attwood, Thomas Chapel Royal 1765-1838 Comp./Organist  English
Aubert, Louis François M. Madeleine & Trinite 1877-1968 Comp./Pianist  French
Aylward, Richard Winchester Cathedral 1626-1669 Comp./Organist  English



Baccaloni, Salvatore Sistine Chapel, Rome 1900- Bass  Italian
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel St. Thomas, Leipzig 1714-1788 Composer  German
Bach, Johann Sebastian Ohrdruf 1685-1750 Composer  German
Banaster, Gilbert Chapel Royal 1445-1487 Composer/Poet  English
Barbé, Antoine Antwerp Cathedral 1545-1604 Comp./Organist  Flemish
Barbireau, Jacques Sainte-Waudru 1408-1491 Comp./Choirm.  Flemish
Bamaby, (Sir) Joseph York Minster 1838-1896 Comp./Organist  English
Barnett, John Lyceum Theatre, London 1802-1890 Composer  English
Barrett, William St. Paul's London 1834-1891 Singer/Critic  English
Bartleman, James Westminster Abbey 1769-1821 Bass  English
Bassani, Giovanni Battista Venice 1657-1716 Comp./Choirm.  Italian
Bassi, Luigi Teatro del Sole, Pesaro 1766-1825 Baritone Italian
Batten, Adrian Winchester Cathedral ?     -1637?  Comp./Organist  English
Battishill, Jonathan St. Paul's Cathedral 1738-1801  Composer  English
Beaulaigue, Barthélemy Marseilles Cathedral ?     -1540  Composer French
Beale, William Westminster Abbey 1784-1854 Comp./Organist  English
Beard, John Chapel Royal 1717-1791 Tenor English
Begnis, Giuseppe de Lugo, Romagna 1793-1849 Bass Italian
Begrez, Pierre Ignace Saint-Aubin 1787-1863 Tenor Belgian
Bell, William Henry St. Albans Cathedral 1873-1946 Comp./Cond. English
Bellamy, Thomas Ludford Westminster Abbey 1770-1843 Bass English
Bellengues, Richard de Toul Cathedral 1380-1470 Comp./Singer French
Benda, František St. Nicholas, Prague 1709-1786 Violinist Czech
Bennett, George John Winchester 1863-1930 Comp./Organist  English
Bennett, Thomas Salisbury Cathedral 1784-1848 Organist English
Bennett, (Sir) William S. King's College 1816-1875 Comp./Cond. English
Berezovsky, Maximus S. St. Petersburg Opera 1745-1777 Composer Russian
Bernabei, Ercole Papal States 1622-1687 Composer Italian
Bernhard, Christoph Dresden court 1627-1692 Comp./Singer German
Bernier, Nicolas Mantes, France 1664-1734 Comp./Choirm. French
Berton, Pierre Montan Senlis Cathedral 1727-1780 Comp./Cond. French
Bexfield, William Richard Norwich Cathedral 1824-1853 Comp./Organist  English
Bibl, Andreas St. Stephen's Cathedral  1807-1878 Comp./Organist  Austrian
Björling, Johan ("Jussi") Bjorling Quartet 1911- Tenor Swedish
Blangini, Giuseppe Marco Turin Cathedral 1781-1841 Comp./Choirm. Italian
Blockx, Jan Antwerp 1851-1912 Composer Belgian
Blow, John Chapel Royal 1649-1708 Composer English
Bortniansky, Dimitri St. Petersburg 1752-1825 Composer Russian
Bottesini, Giovanni Lombardy Chapel 1821-1889 Comp./Cond. Italian
Boult, (Sir) Adrian Cedric Westminster/Christ Ch. 1889-1983 Conductor English
Boutmy, Jacques Adrien St. Nicolas, Ghent 1683-1719 Organist Flemish
Bouvard, François Paris 1670-1756 Composer French
Boyce, William St. Paul's Cathedral 1710-1779 Comp./Organist  English
Braham, John Covent Garden Theatre  1777-1856 Comp./Singer English
Bredemers, Henri Namur/Antwerp 1472-1522 Composer Dutch
Brewer, (Sir) Alfred Herbert Gloucester Cathedral 1865-1938 Comp./Cond. English
Bridge, (Sir) John Frederick Rochester Cathedral 1844-1924 Comp./Cond. English
Bridge, Joseph Cox Rochester Cathedral 1853-1929 Comp./Organist  English
Briegel, Wolfgang Karl Nuremburg 1626-1712 Comp./Organist  German
Brind, Richard St. Paul's Cathedral ?     -1718 Comp./Organist  English
Bruckner, Anton St. Florian, Austria 1824-1896 Composer Austrian
Bruneau, Guillaume Chapel of Charles V 1519-   ? Composer Flemish
Buck, Zechariah Norwich Cathedral 1798-1879 Comp./Choirm. English
Bull, John Chapel Royal 1562-1628 Composer English
Bullock, (Sir) Ernest Leeds Parish Church 1890-1979 Comp./Organist  English
Bush, Geoffrey Salisbury Cathedral 1920- Composer English
Butler, Thomas Hamly Chapel Royal 1755-1823 Composer English
Buxtehude, Diderik Holstein Cathedral-? 1637-1707 Comp./Organist  Danish
Byrd, William St. Paul's Cathedral 1543-1623 Composer English



Cabeón, Agustin de Royal Chapel at Avila ?     -   ? Composer Spanish
Cæsar (see Smegergill, Wm.) Ely Cathedral ?     -   ? Composer English
Caffarelli (see Maiorano, G.)  Naples 1710-1783 Castrato Italian
Caldara, Antonio Mantua Cathedral 1670-1736 Composer Italian
Carbonel, Joseph Francois Ecole Royale de Chant 1773-1855 Composer French
Carissimi, Giacomo Rome 1605-1674 Composer Italian
Carnaby, William Chapel Royal, London 1772-1839 Comp./Organist  English
Carnicer, Ramon Urgel Cathedral 1789-1855 Comp./Organist  Spanish
Caron, Phillippe (or Fermin) Cambrai Cathedral ?     -   ? Composer  Dutch
Carreira, Antonio Royal Chapel of John III  1525-1597?  Comp./Organist  Portuguese
Carter, Thomas Cloyne Cathedral, Dublin 1769-1800 Composer Irish
Caruso, Enrico Naples 1873-1921 Tenor Italian
Cassadó, Gaspar Barcelona 1897- Comp./Cellist Spanish
Caurroy, François du Sainte-Chapelle 1549-1609 Composer French
Causton, Thomas Chapel Royal ?     -1569 Composer English
Cavalieri, Emilio de' Medici Court Chapel 1550-1602 Composer Italian
Cavalli, Pietro Francesco St. Mark's, Venice 1602-1676 Composer Italian
Cellier, Alfred Chapel Royal, St. James 1844-1891 Comp./Organist  English
Certon, Pierre Sainte-Chapelle, Paris 1510-1572 Composer French
Cesti, Pietro Antonio Arezzo Cathedral 1623-1669 Composer Italian
Child, William Bristol Cathedral 1606-1697 Comp./Organist  English
Chipp, Edmund Thomas Chapel Royal 1823-1886 Comp./Organist  English
Church, John St. John's, Oxford 1675-1741 Comp./Choirm. English
Cifra, Antonio San Luigi, Rome 1584-1629 Comp./Choirm. Italian
Cima, Tullio Lateran Chapel, Rome 1597-   ? Comp./Singer Italian
Cirillo (Cirilli), Francesco St. Peter's Cathedral 1623-   ? Comp./Singer Italian
Clark, Richard St. George's, Windsor 1786-1856 Composer English
Clarke, Jeremiah Chapel Royal 1673-1707 OrganistChm. English
Clark-Whitfield, John Oxford 1770-1836 Choirmaster English
Clemens non Papa Saint-Martin, Ypres? 1500-1556 Composer/Chm. Flemish
Clifford, James Magdalen College Choir  1622-1698 Canon (cleric) English
Coates, John St. Jude's, Bradford 1865-1941 Tenor English
Cocx, Jan Saint-Bavon, Flanders 1630-1678 Comp./priest Flemish
Cogan (Coogan), Philip St. Finbar's, Cork 1748-1833 Comp./Organist  Irish
Colasse, Pascal St. Paul's, Paris 1649-1709 Comp./Choirm. French
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel St. George's, Croydon 1875-1912 Composer English
Collingwood, Lawrence Westminster Abbey 1887- Comp./Cond. English
Compère, Louis Saint-Quentin Cathedral 1455-1518 Comp./Singer Flemish
Conradus, Cornelius Friesland Chapel (Emden)  1557-1603  Comp./Organist  Dutch
Cook, Thomas Aynsley Temple Church, London  1831-1894 Bass  English
Cooke, Henry Chapel Royal  1616-1672 Singer/Choirm.  English
Corfe, Arthur Thomas Westminster Abbey  1773-1863 Organist/Choirm.  English
Corfe, Joseph Salisbury Cathedral  1740-1820 Organist/Chm.  English
Coste, Gaspard Cathedral at Avignon  ?     -   ? Comp./Singer  French
Courteville, Ralph (Raphael) Chapel Royal  ?     -1735 Comp./Organist  English
Cousu, Antoine de Sainte-Chapelle, Paris ?     -1658 Theorist/Singer  French
Coward, James Westminster Abbey  1824-1880 Comp./Cond.  English
Croce, Giovanni St. Mark's, Venice  1557-1609 Comp./Choirm.  Italian
Croft, William Chapel Royal  1678-1727 Comp./Organist  English
Crooks, (Alexander) Richard  Trenton, New Jersey  1900- Tenor American
Cruft, Adrian Francis  Westminster Abbey  1921- Comp./Cond. English
Cummings, William Hayman  St. Paul's & Temple Ch.  1831-1915 Comp./Organist  English
Cusins, (Sir) William George  Chapel Royal 1833-1893 Comp./Cond. English



Dauprat, Louis François  Notre-Dame, Paris 1781-1868 Horn player French
David, Félicien César  Aix-en-Provence Cath. 1810-1876 Composer French
David, Johann Nepomuk  St. Florian, Austria 1895- Comp./Organist  Austrian
Davies, Benjamin Grey  Pontardawe (Swansea) 1858-1943 Tenor  Welsh
Davies, (Sir) Henry Walford  St. George's, Windsor 1869-1941 Comp./Organist  English
Dawson, Herbert William  Westminster Abbey 1890- Organist English
Delâtre, Jean Petit Claude  Liege Cathedral ?     -1589 Composer Walloon
Delibes, Clément P. Léo Leo Madeleine, Pans 1836-1891 Composer French
Deller, Alfred George  Margate Parish Church 1912- Countertenor English
Del Monaco, Mario  Teatro Beniamino Gigli 1915- Tenor Italian
Deppe, Ludwig  Hamburg 1828-1890 Pianist/Cond. German
Desargus, François Xavier  Amien Cathedral 1768-   ? Comp./Harpist French
Destouches, (Cardinal) André Mousquetaire du Roi 1672-1749 Composer French
Diabelli, Anton  Salzburg 1781-1858 Comp./Publish.  Austrian
Dibdin, Charles  Winchester Cathedral 1745-1814 Comp./Author  English
Dibdin, Thomas John  St. Paul's, London 1777-1841 Actor/Manager  English
Dignum, Charles  Sardinian Chapel, London 1765-1827 Comp./Tenor  English
Doche, Joseph Denis  Meaux Cathedral 1766-1825 Composer  French
Doyagüe, Manuel  Salamanca Cathedral 1755-1842 Comp./Choirm.  Spanish
Dufay, Guillaume  Cambrai Cathedral 1400-1474 Composer  Flemish
Dufon, Jean  Chapel Royal, Madrid 1574-1634 Comp./Singer  Flemish
Dunstable, John ? ?     -1453 Composer  English
Dupont, Henn-Denis Liege Cathedral 1660-1726 Comp./Organist  Walloon
Duprez, Gilbert Comedie-Francaise 1806-1896 Comp./Tenor  French
Dupuis, Thomas Sanders Chapel Royal, London 1733-1796 Comp./Organist  English
Duquesnoy, Charles3 Beuzet, Netherlands 1759-1822 Comp./Tenor  Dutch
Duruflé, Maurice Rouen Cathedral 1902- Comp./Organist  French
Dussek, Jan Ladislav Minorite Church, Oaslav  1760-1812 Comp./Pianist  Bohemian
Dvorák, Antonin Parish church, Nelahozeves 1841-1904 Composer  Czech
Dygon, John St. Augustine's Abbey 1485-1541 Comp./Cleric  English



Easdale, Brian Westminster Abbey 1909- Composer  English
Ebdon, Thomas Durham Cathedral 1738-1811 Comp./Organist  English
Edwards, Richard Christ Church 1522-1566 Comp./Poet  English
Elford, Richard Lincoln Cathedral ?     -1714 Comp./C.tenor  English
Elizaga, José Mariana Morelia Cathedral 1786-1842 Comp./Theorist  Mexican
Elvey, (Sir) George Job Canterbury Cathedral 1816-1893 Comp./Organist  English
Elvey, Stephen Canterbury Cathedral 1805-1860 Comp./Organist  English
Encina, Juan del4 Salamanca Cathedral 1468-1529 Comp./Poet  Spanish
Estwick, Sampson Chapel Royal 1657-1739 Comp./Divine  English
Evans, Charles Smart Chapel Royal 1778-1849 Composer/Alto  English
Ève, Alphonse d' St. Martins Chapel 1666-1727 Composer  Flemish



Fagge, Arthur Chapel Royal 1864-1943 Comp./Organist  English
Falkner, Donald Keith New College, Oxford 1900- Bass-baritone  English
Farmer, Henry George St. Brendan's, Birr 1882- Cond./Musicol.  Irish
Farrant, John Salisbury Cathedral 1575-1618 Organist  English
Fasch, Johann Friedrich St. Thomas, Leipzig 1688-1758 Comp./Choirm.  German
Faure, Jean-Baptiste Madeleine, Paris 1830-1914 Baritone  French
Fayrfax, Robert Chapel Royal 1464-1521 Composer  English
Ferri, Baldassare Perugian Court 1610-1680 Castrato  Italian
Finck, Heinrich Cracow Court Chapel 1445-1527 Composer  German
Fink, Gottfried Wilhelm Naumburg & Leipzig 1783-1846 Theologian  German
Fiocco, Joseph-Hector Brussels & Antwerp 1703-1741 Choirmaster  Italo-Belgian
Fiocco, Pietro Antonio Brussels 1650-1714 Choirmaster  Italo-Belgian
Flecha, Mateo Catalonia 1520-1604 Composer  Spanish
Flori, Johannes Charles V Court Chapel  1550-   ? Composer  Flemish
Fogg, Eric Manchester Cathedral 1903-1939 Composer  English
Fontaines, Pierre de Rouen Cathedral ?     -1451 Comp./Singer  French
Ford, Ernest A. Clair Salisbury Cathedral 1858-1919 Comp./Cond.  English
Formelis, Guillaume Maximilian II Court 1541-1582 Comp./Organist  Flemish
Froberger, Johann Jacob Stuttgart Cathedral 1616-1667 Comp./Organist  German
Fux, Johann Joseph Hirtenfeld 1660-1741 Comp./Organist  Austrian



Gabrieli, Andrea Verona & San Marco 1510-1586 Comp./Organist  Italian
Gabrieli, Giovanni San Marco, Venice 1557-1612 Comp./Organist  Italian
Gadsby, Henry St. Paul's Cathedral 1842-1907 Comp./Organist  English
Gagliano, Marco da Luca Bati, Firenza 1575-1642 Comp./Choirm.  Italian
Gänsbacher, Johann Sterzling, Tyrol 1778-1844 Comp./Cond.  Austrian
Garcia, Manuel del Popolo Seville Cathedral 1775-1832 Comp./Teacher  Spanish
Garcia Pacheco, Fabian Toledo Cathedral 1725-1808 Composer  Spanish
Garrett, George Mursell New College, Oxford 1834-1897 Comp./Organist  English
Gastoldi, Giovanni Giacomo  Caravaggio 1555-1622 Composer  Italian
Gates, Bernard Chapel Royal 1685-1773 Comp./Singer  English
Gaul, Alfred Robert Norwich Cathedral 1837-1913 Comp./Organist  English
Gérard, Henri Philippe Liege Cathedral 1760-1848 Comp./Singer  Belgian
Gerl, Judas Thaddäus Salzburg choirs5 1774-1844 Comp./Bass  Austrian
German Reed, Thomas Bath Theatre 1817-1888 Entertainer  English
Ghersem, Gery de Toumai & Madrid 1572-1630 Comp./Singer  Flemish
Ghizeghem, Hayne van Cambrai Cathedral ?     -   ? Composer  Flemish
Giardini, Felice de' Milan Cathedral 1716-1796 Comp./Violinist  Italian
Gibbons, Christopher Chapel Royal 1615-1676 Comp./Organist  English
Gigli, Beniamino Recanati Cathedral 1890-1957 Tenor  Italian
Gigout, Eugene Nancy Cathedral 1844-1925 Comp./Organist  French
Giles, Thomas Westminster Abbey 1529-   ? Organist  English
Giroust, François Notre-Dame Cathedral 1750-1799 Composer  French
Goddard, Scott Temple Church, London 1895- Music critic  English
Godfrey, Arthur Eugene St. Paul's Cathedral 1868-1939 Comp./Cond.  English
Gomólka, Mikolaj Cracow Royal Chapel 1535-   ? Comp./Instrum.  Polish
Goodban, Thomas Goodhurst  Canterbury Cathedral 1784-1863 Lawyer/Cond. English
Goodgroome, John St. George's Chapel 1630-1704 Comp./Singer English
Goossens, Eugéne Notre-Dame, Bruges 1845-1906 Conductor Belgian
Goss, (Sir) John Chapel Royal 1800-1880 Comp./Organist  English
Goss, John Jeremiah Salisbury Cathedral 1770-1817 Alto  English
Gossec, François Joseph Antwerp Cathedral 1734-1829 Composer  Flemish
Graener, Paul Berlin Cathedral 1872-1944 Comp./Cond.  German
Graun, Carl Heinrich Dresden Kreuzchor 1701-1759 Comp./Tenor  German
Graun, Johann Gottlieb Dresden Kreuzchor 1703-1771 Comp./Violinist  German
Graupner, Christoph St. Thomas, Leipzig 1683-1760 Comp./Cond.  German
Greene, Eric Gordon Winchester Cathedral 1903- Tenor/Choirm.  English
Greene, Maurice St. Paul's Cathedral 1695-1755 Comp./Organist  English
Grétry, André Ernest M. Saint-Denis, Paris 1741-1813 Composer  Walloon
Guédron, Pierre Cardinal de Guise Chapel 1565-1620 Comp./Singer  French
Guerrero, Francisco Seville Cathedral 1527-1599 Composer  Spanish
Guest, George Chapel Royal, London 1771-1831 Comp./Organist  English
Gurney, Ivor Bertie Gloucester Cathedral 1890-1937 Comp./Poet  English



Hahn, Bernhard Breslau Cathedral 1780-1852 Comp./Choirm.  German
Hall, Henry Chapel Royal, London 1655-1707 Comp./Organist  English
Hamal, Jean-Noël Liège Cathedral 1709-1778 Comp./Choirm.  Walloon
Hamerton, William Henry Christ Church Cathedral  1795-   ? Comp./Choirm.  Irish
Handl (Gallus), Jacob Camiola 1550-1591 Comp./Choirm.  Austrian
Hann, Clement Walter Chapel Royal 1871-1921 Violoncellist  English
Hann, Edward Hopkins Chapel Royal 1861-   ? Violinist  English
Hann, Lewis Robert Chapel Royal 1865-   ? Violinist  English
Hann, Sidney Chapel Royal 1868-   ? Organist/Violist  English
Hann, William Charles Chapel Royal 1925-   ? Violoncellist  English
Hardouin, Henri Rheims Cathedral 1724-1808 Comp./Choirm.  French
Harris, Joseph John Chapel Royal 1799-1869 Comp./Organist  English
Harrison, Samuel Concert of Ancient Music 1760-1812 Tenor  English
Hart, Fritz Bennicke Westminster Abbey 1874-1949 Comp./Cond.  English
Hart, Joseph Binns St. Paul's Cathedral 1794-1844 Comp./Organist  English
Hawes, William Chapel Royal 1785-1846 Comp./Choirm.  English
Hawkins, James St. John's, Cambridge ?     -1729 Comp./Organist  English
Haydn, Franz Joseph St. Stephen's, Vienna 1732-1809 Composer  Austrian
Haydn, (Johann) Michael St. Stephen's, Vienna 1737-1806 Comp./Organist  Austrian
Hayes, William Gloucester Cathedral 1707-1777 Organist/Chm.  English
Hayes, William Magdalen College, Oxford  1741-1790 Cleric  English
Haynes, Walter Battison Priory Church, Malvern 1859-1900 Comp./Organist  English
Heap, Charles Swinnerton Birmingham Festival 1847-1900 Comp./Cond.  English
Heinichen, Johann David St. Thomas, Leipzig 1683-1729 Composer  German
Hellinck, Lupus (Wulfard) Saint-Donatien, Bruges 1496-1541 Composer  Flemish
Hellmesberger, J. Georg Hofkapelle, Vienna 1800-1873 Cond./Violinist  Austrian
Henschel, (Sir) George Breslau Univ. Choral So. 1850-1934 Comp./Baritone  Ger.-Eng.
Herbert, William Scott St. Paul's, Melbourne 1920- Tenor  Australian
Hervé6 Saint-Roch Parish 1825-1892 Comp./Organist  French
Heward, Leslie Hays Manchester Cathedral 1897-1943 Comp./Cond.  English
Hewson, George Henry P. St. Patrick's Cathedral 1881- Comp./Organist  Irish
Heyner, Herbert St. Botolph's Church 1881-1954 Baritone  English
Hiller, Johann Adam7 Dresden Kreuzchor 1728-1804 Comp./Cond.  German
Hilton, John Trinity Coll., Cambridge 1560-1608 Comp./Organist  English
Hilton, John (Jr.-?) Trinity Coll., Cambridge 1599-1657 Comp./Organist  English
Hine, William Magdalen Coll., Oxford 1687-1730 Comp./Organist  English
Hislop, Joseph St. Giles Cathedral 1884- Tenor  Scottish
Hobbs, John William Canterbury Cathedral 1799-1877 Comp./Tenor  English
Hodemont, Léonard de St. Lambert's Cathedral 1575-1639 Composer  Belgian
Hofmann, Heinrich Karl J. Berlin Cathedral 1842-1902 Comp./Pianist  German
Holcombe, Henry Salisbury Cath./Opera 1693-1750 Composer  English
Holder, Joseph William Chapel Royal 1765-1832 Comp./Organist  English
Höller, Karl Bamberg Cathedral 1907- Composer  German
Holmes, Alfred The Oratory, London 1837-1876 Comp./Violinist  English
Holmes, Henry The Oratory, London 1839-1905 Comp./Violinist  English
Holzbauer, Ignaz Jakob St. Stephen's, Vienna 1711-1783 Comp./Cond.  Austrian
Hooper, Edmund Exeter Cathedral 1553-1621 Comp./Choirm.  English
Hopkins, Edward John Chapel Royal, London 1818-1901 Comp./Organist  English
Hopkins, John Larkin Westminster Abbey 1820-1873 Comp./Organist  English
Hopkins, John St. Paul's Cathedral 1822-1900 Comp./Organist  English
Hotter, Hans A Munich church 1909- Baritone  Austrian-Amer.
Howard, Samuel Chapel Royal 1710-1782 Comp./Organist  English
Howell, James Solo performances 1811-1879 Singerllnstrum.  English
Howells, Herbert Gloucester Cathedral 1892-1983 Composer  English
Hulak-Artemovsky, S. Czar's Chapel 1813-1873 Singer  Russian
Hull, (Sir) Percy Clarke Hereford Cathedral 1878- Chm./Organist  English
Humfrey, Pelham Chapel Royal 1647-1674 Comp./Choirm.  English
Hunt, Hubert Walter St. George's, Windsor 1865-1945 Cond./Organist  English



Incledon, Charles Benjamin Exeter Cathedral 1763-1826 Tenor English
Ingegneri, Marc Antonio Verona Cathedral 1545-1592 Composer Italian
Ippolitov-Ivanov, Mikhail M. Issaky Cathedral 1859-1935 Comp./Cond. Russian
Irwin, Robert St. Patrick's Cathedral 1905- Bass Irish
Isaac, Henricus (Heinrich) Medici, Firenza 1450-1517 Composer Flemish



Jacob, Benjamin Portland Chapel 1778-1829 Cond./Organist  English
Janàcek, Leoš Brno Monastery 1854-1928 Composer Czech
Jannequin, Clément Chatellerault 1475-1560 Composer Flemish
Jeffries, George Chapel Royal ?     -1685 Composer English
Jeffries, Stephen Salisbury Cathedral 1660-1712  Comp./Organist  English
Jelic, Vinko8 Archduke Ferdinand 1596-   ?  Comp./Tenor  Croat
Jewett, Randolph (Randall) Chester Cathedral 1603-1675 Comp./Organist  Eng. or Irish
John IV (João) Braganca Ducal Chapel  1604-1656 King of Portugal  Portuguese
Johnson, Edward Guelph, Ontario church 1881- Tenor/Manager  Canadian
Jones, Inigo St. Paul's Cathedral? 1573-1652 English
Jones, Robert Chapel Royal 1485-1536 Composer  English
Josquin des Prés Saint-Quentin 1450-1521 Composer  Flemish



Kalliwoda, Johannes Prague 1801-1866 Comp./Cond.  German
Kelway, Thomas Chichester Cathedral 1695-1744 Comp./Organist  English
Keys, Iver Christ Church, Oxford 1744-   ? Lecturer  English
King, Charles St. Paul's Cathedral 1687-1748 Comp./Choirm.  English
Krauss, Clemens Hofburg, Vienna  1893-1954 Cond./Pianist  Austrian



Lambert, Michel near Chinon  1610-1696  Lutenist/Chrm.  French
Lasso, Orlando di12 Saint Nicolas, Mons13 1532-1594 Composer  Flemish
Lawes, Henry Chapel Royal  1596-1662 Comp./Singer  English
Lawes, William Salisbury  1602-1645 Composer  English
Lay, Henry George St. George's Windsor 1887-1962 ? English
Lechner, Leonhard Munich Court Chapel  1550-1606 Comp./Choirm.  Austrian
LeSueur, Jean-François Abbeville, France  1760-1837 Composer  French
Locke, Matthew Exeter Cathedral  1630-1677 Composer  English
Lotti, Antonio San Marco, Venice  1667-1740 Comp./Organist  Italian
Ludford, Nicholas St. Stephen's Chapel  1485-1557 Composer  English
Lvov, Alexis Feodorovich St. Petersburg Chapel  1799-1870 Comp.Niolinist  Russian



Machaut, Guillaume de Diocese of Rheims?  1300-1377 Composer/Poet  French
MacPherson, Charles St. Paul's Cathedral  1870-1927 Comp./Organist  English
Maiorano, Gaetano (cafareii) Naples  1710-1783 Castrato  Italian
Malotte, Albert Hay St. James, Philadelphia  1895-1964 Composer  American
Mann, Arthur Henry Norwich Cathedral  1850-1929 Comp./Organist  English
Martin, (Sir) George Clement St. Paul's Cathedral 1844-1916 Comp./Organist  English
Mieskovsky, Nicolas St. Petersburg 1881-1960 ? Russian
Monte, Philippe de Saint-Rombaud. Mechlin 1521-1603 Composer Flemish
Montéclair, Michel de Langres Cathedral 1667-1737 Comp./Bassist French
Monteverdi, Claudio Cremona Cathedral 1567-1643 Composer Italian
Morales, Cristóbal de Seville Cathedral 1500-1553 Composer Spanish
Mottl, Felix Hofburgkapelle 1856-1911 Comp./Cond. Austrian
Mundy, William Westminster Abbey 1529-1591 Comp./Choirm. English








Nachbaur, Franz Basel (Cathedral) 1835-1902 Tenor German
Nanini, Giovanni Maria Vallerano (Cathedral) 1545-1607 Comp./Choirm. Italian
Nares, James Chapel Royal 1715-1783 Comp./Choirm. English
Neefe, Christian Gottlob Chemnitz School Choir 1748-1798 Comp./Cond. German
Neukomm, Sigismund von Salzburg Cathedral 1778-1858 Comp./Cond. Austrian
Nichelmann, Christoph St. Thomas, Leipzig 1717-1762 Comp./Harps'd.  German
Nielsen, Hans Royal Chapel, Copenhagen 1585-   ? Comp./Lutanist  Danish
Noble, Dennis Bristol Cathedral 1899- Baritone English
Norris, Thomas Salisbury Cathedral 1741-1790 Comp./Tenor English
Norris, William Chapel Royal ?     -   ? Composer English
Nourrit, Louis Maitrise Montpellier 1780-1831 Tenor French
Novello, Vincent Sardinian Embassy Chapel 1781-1861 Comp./Publish.  Eng./Italian
Nowak, Leopold Hofkapelle, Wien 1904- Musicologist Austrian



Obrecht, Jacob Berg-op-Zoom (Church)  1452-1505 Comp./Choirm. Flemish
Okeghem, Joannes Antwerp Cathedral 1430-1495 Composer Flemish



Pachelbel, Johann Nuremburg 1653-1706 Composer German
Paisiello, Giovanni Taranto Jesuit School 1740-1816 Comp./Choir. Italian
Palestrina, Giovanni P. Sant' Agapit Cathedral 1525-1594 Comp./Choir. Italian
Parry, (Sir) Charles Hubert Eton and Oxford 1848-1918 Composer English
Parsley, Osbert Norwich Cathedral 1511-1585 Composer English
Parsons, Robert Chapel Royal ?     -1570 Composer English
Pedrell, Felipe Tortosa Cathedral 1841-1922 Comp./Hist. Spanish
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista Jesi 1710-1736 Composer Italian
Peri, Jacopo Rome 1561-1633 Composer Italian
Perosi, (Dom) Lorenzo Tortona Cathedral 1872-1956   Comp./Organist Italian
Pevemage, Andries Courtai Coil. Church 1543-1591   Comp./Choirm. Flemish
Philidor, François André Royalle Chapelle 1726-1795   Comp./Chess French
Philips, Peter St. Paul's Cathedral 1872-1956   Comp./Organist Italian
Porpora, Nicola Antonio Conservatorio dei Poveri 1686-1768 Comp./Choirm.  Italian
Porter, Walter Westminster Abbey 1595-1659 Comp./Tenor  English
Praetorius, Michael Kreuzberg, Thuringia 1571-1621 Composer  German
Purcell, Henry Chapel Royal 1659-1695 Composer  English



Rameau, Jean-Philippe Dijon, France 1683-1764 Comp./Theorist  French
Ravenscroft, Thomas St. Paul's, London 1590-1633 Composer  English
Redford, John St. Paul's, London ?     -1547 Choirmaster  English
Richter, Hans Hoflcapelle, Vienna 1843-1916 Conductor Austro-Hungarian
Robinson, William Christ Church, Dublin 1780-1845 ? Irish
Robinson, John Christ Church, Dublin ? ? Irish
Robinson, Joseph Christ Church, Dublin ? ? Irish
Roper, Edgar Westminster Abbey 1878-1953 ? English
Rorer, Cipriano de Mechlin 1516~1565 ? Flemish
Rossi, Luigi Torremaggiore 1597-1653 Composer? Italian
Ruffo, Vincenzo Verona 1505-1587 ? Italian
Ruimonte, Pedro Zaragossa ? -1600 Composer Spanish
Sarti, Giuseppi Bologna 1729-1802 Choirmaster Italian
Scheidemann, Heinrich Hamburg 1596-1663 Organist German
Scheidt, Samuel Halle 1587-1654 Composer German
Schein, Johann Hermann Dresdener Kreuzchor 1586-1630 Composer German
SchUtz, Heinrich Kassel Hofkapelle 1585-1672 Composer German
Senfl, Ludwig Switzerland 14941543 Composer Swiss
Shaw, Geoffrey St. Paul's, London 1879-1943 Composer English
Smart, George Chapel Royal 1776-1867 ? English
Smart, Henry Thomas London. 1813-1879 ? English
Smegergill. William (Caesar) Ely Cathedral ? -? Composer English
Smith, John Stafford Gloucester Cathedral 1750-1836 Choirmaster English
Stainer, John St. Paul's, London 18401901 Composer English
Sullivan, Arthur Chapel Royal 1842-1900 Composer English
Sweelinck, Jan Amsterdam 1562-1621 Composer Flemish
Talks, Thomas Chapel Royal 1505-1585 Composer English
Taverner, John Cardinal's College 1495-1545 Composer English
Telemann, Georg Phillip Benediktin 1681-1767 Composer German
Thuille, Ludwig Munich 1861-1907 Pianist Austrian
Tinctoria, Johannes Louvain, Flanders 1435-1511 Composer Flemish
Tomkins, Thomas Gloucester Cathedral 15721656 Composer English
Travers, John St. George's Chapel 1703-1758 ? English
Tudway, Thomas Chapel Royal 1650-1726 ? English
Turle, James Westminster Cathedral 1802-1882 Organist English
Turner, William Christ Church, Oxford 1651-1740 ? English
Tye, Christopher Ely Cathedral 1500-1572 Composer English
Vecchi, Orazio Modena 1550-1605 Choirmaster Italian
Vitali, Filippo Firenza 1590-1653 Choirmaster Italian
Vittoria, Tomas Luis de Avila Catedral 1549-1611 Composer Spanish
Vivaldi, Antonio Venice 1678-1741 Composer Italian
Waelrant, Hubert Tongerloo, Flanders 1517-1595 Publisher Flemish
Wagenar, Johan Utrecht, Netherlands 1862-1941 ? Dutch
Wagner, Richard St. Thomas, Leipzig 1813-1883 Composer German
Walond, William oxford 1725-1770 Composer English
Walton, William Christ Church, Oxford 1902-1983 Composer English
Webbe, Samuel London 1740-1816 Composer English
Webbe, Samuel Jr. London 1770-1843 Composer English
Weelkes, Thomas London 1575-1623 Composer English
Weldon, John Eton 1676-1736 ? English
Wert, Giaches Antwerp 1535-1596 Composer Flemish
Wesley, Samuel S. Chapel Royal 1810-1876 Composer English
White, Matthew Chapel Royal 1500-1600? Musician English
White, Robert London 1534-1574 Organist English
White, William Westminster ? Composer English
Willaert, Adrian Bruge, Flanders 1480-1562 Composer Flemish
Wise, Michael Chapel Royal 1648-1687 ? English
Zarlino, Gioseffo Venice 1517-1590 Choirmaster Italian

2 Including boy soloists in other than ecclesiastical positions, as noted.

3 His real name is Charles-François Honore Lanctin

4 His real name is Juan de Fermoselle.

5 Under the direction of Leopold Mozart.

6 His real name is Florimond Ronger.

7 The correct spelling of his family name is Haller.

8 Originally Jelift and known in German-speaking countries as Vincenz Jelich.

12 Or Roland de Lassus

13 He was thrice abducted because of the beauty of his voice. His parents finally permitted him to sing in the service of Ferdinando Gonzaga, Viceroy of Sicily, incl. service in Palermo and Milan.


Note: It should be noted that this list should always be considered a "work in progress" due to ongoing research and newly available information from many sources. Entries made in italics should be considered dubious, awaiting further research.

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