The Denton Civic Boy Choir School

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Begun in 1946, by its present director, George Bragg, the Denton Civic Boy Choir has been the activity of over 400 boys. The original membership numbered 37 and drew its entire talent from the City of Denton. As the fame of these singing boys spread, so spread the membership of the boys participating until at the present time the Choir includes fifty boys who come as far away as sixty miles for each rehearsal seeking the inspired training of Director George Bragg, who has distinguished himself for his outstanding results with boys who love to sing.

The airwaves of America have resounded to this "beguiling group of Texans" with appearances over the combined facilities of the National Broadcasting Company, Mutual Broadcasting System, as well as the DuMont Television Network.

The concert halls from Idaho to New York have reverberated with the voices of the "boys who sing like angels." The Denton Civic Boy Choir has appeared in twenty-five states, carrying abroad the fame of their noted home over a distance of 30,000 miles.

Among the nation's leading magazines, Life and Etude, have cited the Choir for its outstanding work in the field of music.

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Students are to be selected on basis of intelligence and potential development, as well as musical abilities. Students must possess a desire for college, whether financially able to attend college or not. The enrollment includes both boarding and day students.


Teachers are selected on the basis of excellence in background studies, abilities in teaching subject matter, knowledge of the implication of what they are teaching, and possession of a vital interest in the potentialities of this type education.

Scholastic Range:

Courses are available for Grades I - IX. The Choir School and the Academic School are equally the basis of activity.


All students will be graded and accredited through the Calvert School of Baltimore, Maryland.

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We feel the curriculum offered here is more complete than most, and that the ultimate advantage to be gained is the development of the child, the individual. We have never believed that EQUALITY in education was the answer to an ambitious youngster with above-average intelligence. Rather do we believe that it is QUALITY in education which will give us leaders from among America's millions; leaders who think and act with accuracy and originality, who write and speak with clarity and force, and who have the power to concentrate on the work at hand.

It is thoroughness wedded to patience; accomplishment blended with enjoyment; and, responsibility mingled with understanding which will give the future Man, who has an intimate relationship toward God, the place he rightly deserves in leading and directing the lives of others.

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