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St. Nicholas Festival


George Bragg, Founder-Director Kalman Halasz, Director-Organist


MAGNIFICAT Giovanni Pergolesi

"My soul doth magnify the Lord" - the simple, unselfish words of the Maid, Mary, given a charming, sparkling, radiant, yet profound and real setting by the inspired Italian, Pergolesi. His brief twenty-six years of life influenced the future of music for a century of musical history.

Warren Thompson, Baritone - Terry Wayne Wilkins, Tenor


MASS "REX PACIFICUS" (World Premiere) Noel Goemanne
(1926-    )    

Contained in the total parts of the liturgical form of the Mass is the penitential Kyrie of Man's beseeching the Lord, the fulfillment of that outcry in the Gloria at the angelic proclamation of the Lord's birth, the purification through the Sanctus, the blessing of the Benedictus, and the sacrificial element of the Agnus Dei - represents the total spectrum of the life of Christ reflected in the Mass. No Credo is contained in this mass which is in English, and in keeping with current requirements of the Church.

Mr. Goemanne is a Belgian-born American, now resident in Dallas at St. Monica chruch and Holy Trinity Seminary. He is an important composer of Catholic church music, following with his own individuality the teachings of his most distinguished teacher, Flor Peeters.

This work was commissioned personally by Director George Bragg, with only the requirement that the mass be of Festival-nature - suitable for concert hall or church performance - areas in which he has had great success with his many compositions.

Donald Collup, Soprano


AVE MARIA Anton Bruckner

The Salutation of the Angel to Mary is given a child-like, mystic religiosity by the Austrian organist-composer from Linz in this motet for eight-part chorus. His pious mind of a medieval Catholic in the Post-Romantic Era revels in the purity and fervor of a monastic of the Danube, the pomp of Wagner, the breadth of Schubert and the boldness of Beethoven.




CAROLS OF MANY LANDS Arranged by Kalman Halasz
Translated by George Bragg
Noel Nouvelet French
Angels from Heaven Hungarian
A Little Babe in the Manger is Born Dutch
In the Name of Heaven Mexican
Slumber Softly, Jesus Holy Armenian
Holy Infant, Lowly Infant Polish

Six carols representing the Christmas story as told in six countries were among those arranged in 1962 by Kalman Halasz for the Choir's first album for Decca Records. They are charmingly set for treble voices and various solo instruments.


CHRISTMAS-TIDE Compiled and arranged by
Rosario Bourdon      

A medley of eleven carols in the Hollywood manner. The audience is cordially invited to join in the singing of the final carol, "O Come All Ye Faithful."

William Winters, Baritone

Program notes by George Bragg

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